19 January 2011

Dreaming of spring

I bought these flowers (Muscari) the other day, it feels so good that you can bring a little bit of spring inside. The sun has been shining today but the snow is still around and I miss spring so much...





Have a wonderful day!

13 January 2011

Tea Time

I love tea, I drink like 10 cups a day - earl grey, with honey and milk :)
I changed the tea bag topper here and you can download a sheet of your own for free.
Just click the link below the photo to download it, it is a .pdf file - just to print and cut and attach.

Tea Time

teabag toppers

Download Tea Bag Toppers

11 January 2011

Collections = Memories

These are memories from beaches and places that I have visited so far in my life. The oldest one is a pebble I collected at a beach in Gran Canaria when I was 12 years old :)


Seashells Pt I

Seashells II
Seashells Pt II

08 January 2011


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the city I live in. I love this beautiful city. It is sometimes hard to believe that you are in a capital city when walking at some places, and that is what I have tried to capture here, enjoy :)

Södermalm (The south part of Stockholm)

No 16
No 16

Brick House
Old Brick House


Icicles Hanging
Icicles hanging from the roofs is a big risk, some people dies from getting them in their head and it is always a big issue here every winter of course.

A street in the south of Stockholm I would not mind living at, but I guess that will just remain a dream, it is soo expensive.

Gamla Stan View
View over Gamla Stan (the Old Town)

Lilla Skinnarviksgränd
Another nice address around here.

This building (with the black towers in the foreground) is actually an Elevator's building, called Mariahissen.

Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm City Hall.

Winter Jogging
People are jogging all year around.

Another street view.

Stockholm View
Stockholm view - I love it so much :)