30 March 2011

Signs of spring

Finally some signs of spring here, oh how I have been longing for spring this year, the winter have been too long and dark. But now the birds sing, the sun is shining most of the days and the snow is almost gone. How can you be anything else than happy this time of year?

Spring is getting closer each day...
Spring is getting closer each day...

Signs of Spring 03
The snow is melting

Signs of Spring 02
The tulip leaves are coming up in the garden *yay*...

Signs of Spring 04
...and the pussy willow - these are so soft and cute like little kittens :)

Happy spring hugs from me!


11 March 2011

Wonderful spring flowers

The spring flowers is still far away here in Sweden but I am so happy that we are able to bring some of them inside anyway. So here are some Ranunculus and Tulips. They make me happy :)

And now to something more deeper *lol*: I was thinking the other day (duuh), it seems like everyone loves flowers of all kind, including myself, but I was wondering why that is? It is kind of strange, we are like obsessed with flowers. Why is that? Please share your theory, I am curious of seeing what you guys think.


Ranunculus Close Up

Spring Square Tulips

And I want to wish you a wonderful weekend!

07 March 2011

Indulge Yourself

Now is the time to enjoy life, to have fun, to eat good, to take care of yourself, to get some everyday luxury into your life. Why not buy yourself some flowers, some nice expensive chocolates or somethings else that you like? Indulge yourself. Because YOU are worth it (as they say in the commercials)...

Good Stuff

Caramel Macaroons


06 March 2011

New Free Photoshop Actions - Enjoy!

New Actions for free - Dreamy Actions. Made in PS CS4.
Actions is so much fun, both to use and to create. There are three actions in this Set.

Examples below:


Download the Set "Dreamy Actions by Maria Kallin"

Please enjoy!

02 March 2011

Congratulations to Isabel and HA...


..you are the winners in my giveaway - yaay - congrats  to the both of you =)

Isabel you won the Lavender photo and HA you won the Purple Flowers photo.

Please e-mail me your post address (mariakallinphoto@hotmail.com) and I will pack and post your prize asap.