11 March 2011

Wonderful spring flowers

The spring flowers is still far away here in Sweden but I am so happy that we are able to bring some of them inside anyway. So here are some Ranunculus and Tulips. They make me happy :)

And now to something more deeper *lol*: I was thinking the other day (duuh), it seems like everyone loves flowers of all kind, including myself, but I was wondering why that is? It is kind of strange, we are like obsessed with flowers. Why is that? Please share your theory, I am curious of seeing what you guys think.


Ranunculus Close Up

Spring Square Tulips

And I want to wish you a wonderful weekend!


  1. They are so beautiful and colorful and radiate positivity. Plus they smell lovely! There's really nothing not to love about flowers!

  2. To brighten my day and have a little bit of outside beauty inside.

    Happy weekend,

    Nina x

  3. Oh ja underbart! Tulpaner och ranunkler - kan det bli mer vårligt? Ha en fin helg Maria!
    Kram Karin

  4. These flower pics are so so beautiful, Maria! Love the tones and colors very much!

    Regarding your question: it might sound ridiculous but I think flowers are a kind of "floral lollipop" - sweet, colorful and even their shape seems similar. And most people like sweeties/candies and connect nice childhood memories to them. Maybe this is a little bit of an explanation why most people like flowers?

    just a theory and my two cents to your question

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Underbara buketter! Några av mina favoritblommor

  6. Yes, you are all right, they are beautiful and colorful and with lovely shapes, and they smell nice - whats not to love about them.

    And I also think that when there are flowers, there are food like fruits and stuff like that (if we want to go way back in time, so flowers means good times) That is a theory of mine. And flowers for me is luxury :)

  7. Vackra bilder! Här har vi både snödroppar och vintergäck. Påskliljorna börjar komma också. En av fördelarna med att bo här nere :). Blommor, de är vackra, färgglada och de luktar gott. Ha en bra helg, Maria!

  8. Flowers make me happy and transfer me to the world of colours and beauty. This is a kind of magic. :)

  9. I don't know why we love flowers so very, very much but, we do! I was JUST wondering that, myself. It's so hard to take a photo of a flower that is truly unique but it doesn't matter, does it? We just LOVE them. I absolutely love THESE photos!!!! =] They're very, very beautiful and refreshing!

    Katy Noelle

  10. At first glance, we are attracted to the colors and shapes of flowers, but on a deeper level I think we respond to the fact that they represent life -- a fleeting moment of life...

    These are such beautiful images, Maria. I love the processing!

  11. 1. they are a part of nature.
    2. they are beautiful
    3. they smell good.
    4. conditioning.

  12. Lovely colourtones and I love the beautiful tullips.Great background colour.

  13. ...well, I would think for their beauty, all the different colours, shapes, fragrances etc.
    Wonderful spices to the eye, and flowers means mostly spring, summer, warm temperatures. Freedom in that meaning of not to have to be wrestling with all the winter clothes, it's just to put on shorts, a top, and sandals and get outside Yay :)...Ha det sa gott i vantan pa varen.

  14. flowers in any stage, tickle my eyes!
    from blooming to seeds ... all beautiful stages.
    And the fragrance, topping on the cake!

  15. Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and comments. It's a pleasure to read :)

  16. For me it´s defenetly the colour of the flowers - they open my heart and let me feel the LOVE.

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anja

  17. Hi Maria! I love these photos!! Beautiful ranunculus, they just make us so happy. Tulips, too. As to why we are obsessed with flowers? I think they are endlessly fascinating, the form, the color, the fragrance, the short lives they have and how they affect people in a positive way. They are little miracles!

  18. Every flower tells a fascinating story.
    They are an endless source of inspiration and makes us never bored.
    Thanks for your photography who inspire me too.