19 February 2011

Vårfoton : Spring Photos

Jag längtar till våren så otroligt mycket just nu, åh vad jag saknar lukten av gräs när man ligger och fotar blommor och annat :) Eller doften av regn, fåglarnas kvitter och solens värmande strålar. Var tvungen att drömma mig bort och leta fram lite vårfoton från förra året som jag kan titta på under tiden...

I miss spring soo much right now, oh how I miss the smell of grass when lying and photographing flowers and other things :) Or the scent of rain, the sounds from the birds and the warming rays from the sun. Had to dream away and look for some spring photos from last year that I can look at during the time...

Spring - Birch

Spring - Buds

Spring - Liverleaf

Spring Sun - Cherry Flower

Spring - Tree Buds


  1. wonderful photos. I'm looking forward to the spring. And your photos make my pleasure greater.

  2. Så vackert... Det känns som att det var 100 år sedan det var vår sist.

  3. I love your photography. I think they are beautiful and magical and each deserve accolades! i love your photographs did i tell you ? :)

  4. oh, these are so beautiful, maria! i know just how you feel about spring -- we had two days of warm temperatures here, and it was like a blessing from above... but now back to the cold and snow. thanks for sharing your lovely spring images!

  5. Maria, of all your beautiful photos, your spring blossoms are the most gorgeous. How fortunate for all of us that you have these to share. And soon, nature will present a new display for you to capture! Have a lovely Sunday. :) xo – g

  6. Beautiful photos! I miss spring too. The warmth and not drowning to all the snow...

  7. ....thanks for leaving a comment on my blog...I really love your photos:)