25 May 2011

Lovely Lilac

I am not sure I will be able to keep my blog up to date, I think I am not a blog person. But I will post news occasionally and I am very grateful for you who follow me - thank you!

Lilac Dippy

Lovely Lilacs - I really love the scent and of course the colors :) A beautiful spring flower, one of my favorites (as I say about almost all flowers ;-)) The photos above are processed with my action called "Violet Love" and which you can download here in my blog.



  1. Simply lovely, Maria! I can only imagine how magical walking down that path must have been!

  2. oh, how I love these images, Maria! Thank you for the action and I do understand about posting. Do it when you can and enjoy your life! We'll always enjoy your photos. xo – g

  3. Sehr, sehr schön Maria.... eine interessante Bearbeitung und schöes DoF!

  4. Such beautiful pictures - I can almost smell the lilac from here.

    Nina xxx

  5. Everyone blogs differently. Sometimes, because people cannot Blog like how they "think it should be" (often, perfectly, visiting everyone), they give up. What they don't realize is how happy the rest of us are for each little gem that are thrown out - like your posts. It's absolute a gasp of joy, every time I see that you have a delightful post. I don't care how often or what - I just appreciate that you're doing it - it's such a refreshment and inspiration! Thank you!!!

    The photos are tremendously beautiful!

    Most sincerely! =]

    Katy Noelle

  6. lovely diptych!!

    I love the right photo!

  7. Wunderbar....so schön!

    Maria & Lilli

  8. Beautiful road with fence, and lilas.

    Regards from Madrid

    Via Divas and Dream workshop