14 April 2011

Spring happenings

There is a lot going on outside right now, it is spring happening :)
The snow is gone, the birds sing and build nests, the ants are repairing their anthills, the earliest flowers are in bloom and I even saw two butterflies today.

Glory Of The Snow
Glory of the snow (Chiondoxa forbesii baker)

Spring happening: Glory of the snow and Hoverfly :)
Glory of the snow and Hoverfly

Ahh finally some grass showing up :)
Fresh green grass

European Peacock Butterfly
European Peacock Butterfly (*yaay* my first one this year :))

Ant with Isopod
Ant with Isopod

Wood Pigeon Nesting
Wood Pigeon building nest

Oh, how I love this, everything is awakening. And it all happens so fast. It is hard to understand that there where a lot of snow just two weeks ago.

Happy spring to all of you!



  1. Underbara bilder Maria. Det är så fantastiskt härligt att våren är här. Jag tog en lång promenad efter jobbet och njöt av alla vårlökar som blommar så fint nu. Ha en härlig helg! Kram Karin

  2. Åh vilka underbara bilder! Helt fantastiskt!
    Ja vilket härligt väder det var idag. Vi kanske ska ses på någon uteservering imorgon om det är lika soligt då? :)

  3. Gorgeous photos!! I'm so impressed you were able to catch all of these animals!

  4. Beautiful... Natural... Thank You.

  5. Äntligen, äntligen! Fantastiska bilder! Älskar bilden på duvan.

  6. Oh what lovely signs of spring you have captured!